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We make every effort to inform our patients of our massage practices, and policies. Some frequently asked questions are "What is medical massage?", and "Can you bill my insurance company?". Below is an explanation of a Medical massage session vs. a Relaxation massage session. Please read the following descriptions to help you make the best decision about your massage experience. Feel free to call and ask if you have any additional questions. 253-581-1442 



The following is a description of the requirements for medical massage and what occurs before, during and after a medical massage in order to care for you and your condition properly.

· Doctor’s prescription is required

· Once rehabilitation has occurred, treatment ends

· Your condition dictates a specific area of the body to be treated (full-body massage only occurs if prescribed by your doctor)

· Portion of massage time may be used for assessment of your condition

· Possible follow-up calls to your doctor or insurance company

· Your treatment notes may be shared with your doctor and/or insurance company, attorney, or offending driver's insurance company(if PI)

· Your insurance company is billed, and you may only responsible for patient portion(according to your insurance policy)

· If your insurance company refuses payment, you are responsible for payment 


The following is a description of what occurs before, during and after a relaxation massage.

· No prescription is required

· Very little client paperwork tracking and documentation

· You choose technique of massage (relaxation / deep tissue)

· Your massage can be full body or only a specific treatment area

· Your treatment notes are not shared with anyone

. You are charged for the massage at time of service

· You are charged at the discounted relaxation rate

All massage sessions begin and end on time so all clients are served in a timely manner. If you are late for your massage, your session time will be shortened, ending at the originally scheduled time. Your insurance company will NOT pay for missed time and you will be responsible to pay the difference at the time of treatment. Please remember to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time for paperwork.

For cash pay patients: Please print out the New Patient Packet (Self Pay), fill out and bring to your scheduled appointment. For patients wanting to bill insurance: Please print out the Client Intake (Insurance Claim Packet), follow the instructions to verify your insurance benefits and get a prescription, and bring to your scheduled appointment. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at your appoinment!

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